Our services include different ways of decoration and packaging


We decorate more than a half of the manufactured files with a spray of one or more colours. We use waterborne glass coatings, these are not only resistant to scratching and damage caused by nail polish, but also to temperatures up to 150 °C and repeated dish washer use. Naturally, they are all harmless. You can choose from basic hues, but we can also mix a tone by your request based on specifications in the Pantone sample book.


On files we most commonly print our retailers’ brand logos or company logos which serve as a promotion tool. We use screen printing, pad printing, and digital technologies. According to your requirements, we will prepare a mock-up and real samples. The colors are available in hues as per the Pantone sample book. Moreover, we can print your photos over the handle or all over the backside of a one-sided nail file.


Sandblasting is a spectacular way of decoration that gives the files an exclusive impression. It is a rather demanding technique, which consists of a number of mostly manual works. And it lasts forever.


Traditional handmade glassmaking technique puts the file in the category of premium and luxury products. The history of this technique dates back to antiquity, when cameo engravings from natural stones were created in this way.


Crystal components from Czech and world manufacturers will elevate the file to the level of fashion accessories. One stone can complement a printed logo, more stones make a up a complete design.


We will deliver files to you packed according to your wish – just files or files in pouches or files in pouches and retail packaging (you can choose from our ready made or we will prepare packaging which will fit your needs).

– folding paper packaging
– with / without EURO slot – punch
– paper box
– blister (paper + plastic bulb)
– plastic blister
– plastic bags

Some of these you can expose in our POS display.


We can also offer you the technologies that we use in the processing of our products.

– printing, especially on flat products made of glass and other materials (screen printing, pad printing, digital printing – UV flat bed)

– glass sandblasting

– processing of flat glass (cutting, grinding)

– chemical hardening of glass

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